Why Modified Retained?

Our clients agree with the following advantages

  1. Has more economical fee and expense policies.
  2. Offers extended payment terms based on performance.
    • Presents qualified and interested candidate(s)before 80% of the fee is due
    • Guarantees client a bona fide and working employee before 50% of the fee is due.
  3. Provides discounts for multiple searches.
  4. Relieves company of considerable administrative cost, risk and managerial time.
  5. Assures maximum assistance from cooperating search firms.
  6. Minimizes the possibility of candidates accepting counter offers.
  7. Fosters a bond between Helffrich International and the client. This is due to the development of a thorough knowledge of company, culture, products, objectives, history, operating procedures and management vital to recruit top talent.
  8. Most important, because of the commitment on both sides, Helffrich International can concentrate on seeking out and attracting the most qualified and talented individuals who normally are not on the market. The client can count on this because it has entered into an arrangement cemented by the retainer. There is no doubt that Helffrich International represents only the client and will not offer developed candidates to their competitors.

Hellfrich International has never failed a modified retained search.

Helffrich International recruits the best talent available for global staffing requirements.