Search Process


  1. Work with client to develop a detailed and complete job description.
  2. Obtain input from the HR Manager, the Hiring Authority and other team members.
  3. Research to determine potential candidate pool.
  4. Check internal and external databases for leads and referrals.
  5. Network with Top Echelon and other domestic and international search firms.
  6. Recruit from competitors and related industries.
  7. Screen candidates to determine qualifications and interest.
  8. Develop potential finalists through in-depth interviews.
  9. Check and verify candidate credentials.
  10. Perform reference checks with former supervisors and colleagues.
  11. Coordinate required personality profiles and/or psychological tests.
  12. Make sure finalists have discussed position, travel and relocation with the family. Brief spouse if requested.
  13. Test, rank and evaluate finalists to create a short list.
  14. Coordinate interview schedule, travel and accommodations.
  15. Prepare candidates for interviews by reviewing job requirements, company culture, organizational structure, background and personality of the hiring team.
  16. Prepare client for interviews with a complete candidate profile detailing experience, qualifications, reasons for change and specific interest in this position and company. Provide results of personality profiles, background and reference checks.
  17. Debrief candidates after each interview. Confirm interest, technical and cultural fit. Resolve doubts, answer questions.
  18. Debrief client after each interview to assess candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and compatibility. Resolve doubts, answer questions.
  19. Discuss counter offers and how to deal with them.
  20. Work with client to develop an offer that will be accepted.
  21. Make offer to candidate. Negotiate changes to gain acceptance. Establish start date.
  22. Assist candidate with letter of resignation and professional exit.
  23. Coordinate meetings with realtors, schools, relocation consultants, moving companies, etc. to facilitate relocation.
  24. Be certain spouse and family is adequately informed and continues to support the move and new career. Help spouse with employment search if necessary.
  25. Follow up with new employee and client to assure a smooth start and rapid integration.

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