Modus Operandi

Fees are calculated on first year compensation (base salary plus cash incentives). We charge 25% for the first search, 23% for the second search and 20% for the third and all subsequent searches. When compensation is unknown or cannot be estimated a flat fee is agreed upon.

Payment in $US is made 20% at start of search, 30% at start of employment and 50% sixty days from start of employment. Search expenses are absorbed by Helffrich International and not charged to the client unless extraordinary (travel, international communication, costs for advertising, research, testing, background checks, banking services, etc,). In such cases they are subject to prior approval by the client.

Please note our modified retained programs differ substantially from traditional retained search.

First year earnings $120,000, Fee 25% = $30,000.

20% of fee = $6,000 at start of search.
30% of fee = $9,000 at start of employment.
50% of fee = $15,000 sixty days after start of employment.


  1. Helffrich International will structure a monthly, annual or longer period modified retainer program for clients guaranteeing numerous staffing requirements.
  2. Contract staffing allows clients to utilize professional talent on a temporary basis; ideal for emergencies and projects.
  3. Helffrich International also provides services on a consulting basis: personal interviews, references, psychological and personality profiles, salary, bonus and benefit surveys and comparisons, verification of credit, education, employment, citizenship, languages, legal status, etc. These services are billed at $150/hour.

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